Services offered

  • Tommy Cod ice fishing is accessible to all age groups, being an excellent family activity and especially very safe on ice.
  • The winter roads are wide and well kept and allow you to park your vehicle right beside your fishing cabin.
  • Special care is given to Seniors and handicapped people.
  • Safety device for childrens
  • An access ramp is available and allows guests in wheel-chairs to enter the cabins to participate in the activity.
  • The cabins are wood and are equipped with electricity. An electric outlet lets you plug in a radio or other devices.
  • Our fishing cabins may accommodate groups of 4 to 18 people and are exclusive for each group.
  • You can eat to nearby restaurants or get your meal delivered directly to the door of your chalet.
  • Large parking for buses along the river, near the pouvoirie or for small cars right next to your cabin.

A fishing permit is not required and the catch is unlimited.

The fishing lines, towels, baits (cubes of pork liver) are supplied with the cabin rental. Shrimps to be used as baits are available on the site for an extra charge of $3.00 per bag.

Heated washrooms and bathroom sink with hot water and soap are close to your cabin.

An experienced guide will either help you to fish or to prepare your fish.

An information booklet containing fish recipes is given free of charge to our customers.

Sale of fresh Tommy Cod, prepared or not, wholesale or retail.

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